Skills: Engineering

Nokia / AT&T / Microsoft – Work for Will

Work for Will was a microsite and national TV spot created to promote the new features of AT&T’s Nokia Lumia Smart phone running Windows 8. Users customized their virtual Nokia Lumia 920 phones by arranging a variety of applications from sports to entertainment, music, news and social feeds onto the phones home screen.

As lead UI Engineer, I recreated the Mobile Windows 8 user interface for the web down to the tiniest details such as touching and dragging Live Tiles on the phone’s virtual screen. The experience was coded in vanilla javascript, utilizing css3 transitions when available and gracefully degrading to even support IE7 and a large range of mobile devices.

The experience served over 130,000 rendered videos, customized for each user, and received over 1.2 million votes across the web and mobile.

The interactions can be seen in the video below.